Intelligent Parking Guidance Using Cameras

Powered by AI

Feel the power of A.I.

Find parking the smart way

Our artificial intelligence platform analyzes video feeds from cameras to determine real-time parking availability for outdoor parking lots, this information is presented to commuters through an intuitive web, mobile interface and digital signboards

Giving control back to the management

Parklens puts the control back in the hands of the parking manager allowing for effective management and optimal utilization of all your parking assets

Parking spots

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Enforcement is no more a hassle

Parklens enforcement dashboard offers auto-chalking parking violations from the comfort of your office

Feel the dual advantage

Surveillance + Parking occupancy

As simple as parking at home

Parklens provides commuters space specific occupancy information in the palm of their hand compared to aggregate lot counts provided by traditional parking systems, this makes any parking as simple as parking in your own garage

Smart Parking App

Drive directly to an open parking spot

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